Admitted to Practice Law in CA and CT
Holistic Lawyer and Mediator Viewing Legal Problems as Opportunities for Transformation

Welcome to Holistic Law and Mediation,  an evolving approach that integrates mindfulness in law practice in a way that transcends our predominant adversarial model and provides optimal, long-term solutions to clients.

As growing numbers of people become more grounded in present-moment experience through mindfulness practice, it is becoming increasingly apparent that optimal, sustainable solutions to conflict lie not within intellectually-driven judgements, but rather within the felt connection to present-moment experience.

What is Holistic LawOur predominant system for resolving civil disputes has largely outlived its usefulness.  The system is built on an adversarial model that encourages “me versus you,” “right versus wrong,” “true versus false” ways of approaching conflict.  This dualistic approach is largely reliant on intellectual, comparative judgements.  Most importantly, these judgements usually operate to remove parties from a more grounded sense of connection to present-moment reality – a felt sense that transcends intellectual analysis.

I have been a licensed attorney for more than 25 years and am admitted to practice law in California and Connecticut, graduating from Boston University School of Law in 1988, and from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, B.A., cum laude, in 1985 majoring in Psychology. My holistic law practice includes professional mediation services offered from a perspective that views disputes as opportunities for personal transformation.

I am an approved mediator in the Alameda County Superior Courts. In addition to providing more traditional services, I work to mediate disputes as an alternative to litigation in civil courts both through online mediation, and in-person sessions.

I strive to conduct my law practice, as well as mediation, from a holistic approach that works to facilitate empathy and compassion for divergent views.  It is within this wider, less egoic, perspective integrating mindfulness in law that parties often arrive at far more creative and sustainable solutions to conflict.

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Holistic Law Counseling: Clarity and Peace When Needed Most

As a complement to my more traditional law and mediation services, I offer holistic law counseling.  If you are trying to get some clarity on your current situation prior to deciding whether or how to proceed with formal legal action, I offer the unique program of holistic law counseling outlined below.

My holistic approach places a primary focus on your unique life situation and, through well-established mindfulness exercises, examines learned conditioning and behavioral roots that may have contributed to your current difficulties.  Ideally, we will do this before coming up with a concrete strategy to deal with your legal issues.  By cultivating this improved clarity of your situation, we will be more likely to arrive at, and implement, an optimal legal strategy.

Please note, if you decide to proceed with these holistic law counseling sessions before formally retaining me as your attorney, the holistic law counseling fee with be applied to legal fees going forward.  So, essentially, the holistic law counseling sessions are included in the cost of my representation.

The information below provides a better idea of how my 5-session holistic law program is generally structured:

Five Sessions: $1,250.00

Session 1

In our initial meeting we will discuss your legal issues in the context of your current life situation, e.g., your home environment, work life, as well as your more broad circle of familial and social relationships.  We will begin to identify reactive tendencies that may be clouding optimal judgment at this point in time.

Sessions 2 and 3

In our second and third sessions, you will be provided with an introduction to “mindfulness” – understood as a heightened awareness of your present-moment experience. This awareness may be obtained through somatic attention to the breath, seated posture, contact with the floor, sounds in the environment, etc. In coming to more fully connect to your present-moment experience, you begin to move beyond learned conditioning and reactive thoughts and behaviors, and toward a more optimal approach to the situation(s) you are facing.

Session 4

Having begun to appreciate the freedom offered by simple mindful attention to present experience, we begin to further explore past thoughts and conditioned reactions to these thoughts that may have contributed to your current difficulties. While we look at these thoughts, we return to present-moment awareness in a way that further instills a foundational appreciation that you need not be defined by, nor have your behavior automatically spring from, your conditioned thinking.

Session 5

In our fifth session, we build on your foundation of present-moment awareness in defining a future plan of action to concretely address your current challenges. By committing to this plan, you will continuously enhance your ability to access inner peace and become far less reactive to challenging life situations.