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Ego as a Precursor of Legal Problems

Staunch individualism that has permeated our media-driven culture often leads to thought-driven ideas about happiness and how life “should” be.  The proliferation of connected mobile devices, and the increasing amount of time that most of us spend planted in front of computer screens has created an almost

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Mindfulness, Compassion, and Legal Challenges

Having lived in an area of Oakland, California for nearly ten years that is plagued with homelessness, graffiti, illegal dumping, and other manifestations of urban malaise, my ability to accept situations around me and embrace all others with compassion is challenged on a daily basis. So much

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Clearing the Way for Optimal Conflict Resolution

The starting point for optimal conflict resolution is the ability to meaningfully connect to present-moment experience. This ability requires a high degree of consciousness able to not get caught in ego-driven thoughts of how things “should be,” ways in which things are “wrong,” and similar judgements. In

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The Value of Mindfulness in Approaching Legal Problems

Mindfulaw provides a forum for individuals facing challenging legal situations to use these challenges as a springboard to personal transformation and heightened inner peace.  Mindfulaw starts from the premise that the vast majority of legal problems faced by individuals are the direct result of learned conditioning and

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The Root of Most Legal Problems

Holistic law approaches “legal” problems as most often resulting from an egoistic orientation toward the world.  An “egoistic orientation” can be understood as a delusional belief that one is a separate entity apart from the whole of life.  Insofar as the ego is constructed mainly through learned

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The Role of Identity in Dealing With Divorce and Custody Litigation

In terms of legal disputes, clients appear to have the greatest psychological difficulty dealing with divorce and custody proceedings. This is of little surprise when one views these situations in the more holistic context of the individual’s adopted self-concept. Divorce and custody proceedings upset a wide range

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A Mindful Approach to Divorce and Child Custody

Few life situations present as much challenge in a legal context as divorce involving young children. Along with innate drives to nurture and care for our children are entrenched self-concepts built around identities a a parent, a wife, a husband, etc., that become threatened. All of this

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The Role of Mindfulness in Addressing Legal Problems

As a species we are far from the fastest or the strongest. Our senses of sight and hearing lag far behind many other species. Humans have survived largely as a result of a highly effective abilities to scan their physical environment for danger, analyze and process this

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Rethinking The Role of Attorneys in Society

For centuries, the function of attorneys in American society has been primarily defined by an ethical obligation to zealously represent clients within proscribed evidentiary and procedural guidelines aimed at eliciting “truth” and, ultimately, some ephemeral notion of “justice.” The more broad notion that attorneys should work towards

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The Clash of Mindfulness and Law

Inherent in contemporary American jurisprudence is the notion of ultimate judgment. By its nature, our adversarial system ultimately adjudges one party “right,” and the other party “wrong,” or some variation on that theme. In contrast, mindfulness emphasizes the importance of letting go of the judging and comparing

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